Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Other stuff I'd like to do - update

On 10th October I wrote a post about other things I'd like to do with my time.  On an evening when I'm not feeling very inspired (I'm bored of drawing celebrities out of Hello magazine) I thought I'd write an update.

1. Make a terrarium.

Well I did that :) and the contents are growing! Not sure it's liking being in the basement though.  And those white/pink spots on the moss... Are those good or bad?? 

2. Find exercise

Not much success in that yet except randomly running through the streets of London for no reason other than it's fun.  E.g. When I got my train back the other night I decided to run most of the way home from the station just for the hell of it. I did go for a more strategic run on Monday night just for 5 minutes around the block which was good.  Great to stretch one's legs after sitting at a desk all day.

3. Write/learn about food.

My mum told me the other night that she'd learnt that because of how supermarket fruit is picked early and artificially ripened when needed it has much much less of the nutritional value of naturally ripened fruit.  I don't know the full stats but it makes sense.  Of course if we didn't store and ripen fruit like that we couldn't have it out of season and loads (more) would go to waste but it just shows how important local food is for our health (among many other things).

One of my lovely aunts has offered to collaborate on the food front (hi Caroline!) which would be awesome. I just can't see how to fit it in yet.  I think when the drawing challenge is over I can go full throttle on food... I considered quitting the drawing to make time for it but that would be criminal with less than two months to go.

4. Write every day.

I haven't done very well on this (yet). I love my bed too much to do it first thing although I did fit in 10 mins yesterday morning when I'd somehow had a shower and breakfast in double quick time.  This is something I need to be more disciplined about.  So here's a 7 day challenge to myself: write for 10 mins a day.  It will just be for myself but I will report back to say if I managed it or forgot or whatever.

That's all for now.

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