Monday, 15 September 2014

Day 90

I'm half way WOOO!!!

Today I sorted out the pattern for my fingerprint DNA piece.  It absolutely did my head in at a point but I get an odd satisfaction from working out detailed patterns and rhythms.

I bought some new acrylic paints today.  CMY (cyan, magenta, yellow) primary colours. Did you know that red isn't a primary colour!? Yeah, I MIXED red. From magenta and yellow. Crazy.

For some good videos on colour theory go to artist Scott Naismith's YouTube channel:

The pattern for my DNA design:

The pattern done full size in bingo dabbers as a test.

Play with my new paints

A digital painting I did on Brushes this morning of one of the guitars in the living room.  I attempted to match the colours in front of me exactly.  It's a good exercise that really makes you think about what you're seeing and how you interpret it with your brain.

Time: 1hr and a half approx

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