Thursday, 11 September 2014

Day 86

I think it's time to get the colours out.  I love colour but mixing it scares me.

I started these drawings with the one in the left just in 5B pencil but as the photo I was drawing from had such amazing colours I decided to go and get my box of watercolour pencils.  These are great because there's loads of different effects you can get with them depending on how/when/if you add the water.  The pen I used ran in the water too which gave an interesting effect.  I went over the original pencil shading on the left plant (Cerinthe major) in colour but the pencil underneath made it loose it's vibrancy (obviously really).

Time:1hr and a bit 

The original totally stunning photo by Jonathan Buckley, published on p145 of 'Plant Partners' by Anne Pavord (2001):

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