Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Day 42

Sat in my aunt's back garden in London and drew a very detailed bit of the edge of a brick path with all the little plants growing between the gaps.  I did it in an H pencil, started shading but then decided to go over it in pen.  

I think it worked putting my toes in the picture.  It gives it a sense of scale and touch.

As I was drawing a wood pigeon was wandering around pecking bits of grass and dandelion leaves so I got a sketch of it too.

The last sketch is a quick on from this evening of a candle and mug on the table outside.

I've really got to start actually finishing my drawings.  Once an hour is up it's easy to abandon it and start something new the next day.  I'd like to do a full picture soon, not just sketches.  Maybe something to put on the wall.

Time: 1hr 30ish